Christian Web Sites Blocked as Offensive for Children

Some attempts to block offensive Internet material from children have backfired for Christian users.

Cyber Patrol, which supplies filtering software to 85% of America's online providers, has ended up blocking access to Christian and pro family sites because of Biblical teachings against homosexuality and other sinful behavior.

The 12 member committee, which picks sites to block, claims that these sites teach intolerance. Members of the committee include representatives from women's rights groups, a teacher's union, a "minister," Morality in Media, the NAACP, and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

The GLAAD web site was originally targeted by Cyber Patrol as offensive to children until GLAAD complained. Shortly after, GLAAD was given a seat on the committee. Blocking of the Christian sites came after GLAAD complained about their "intolerance."

So far, the Chick Publications web site is not on Cyber Patrol's list of blocked sites but the AOL NetFind Kids Only, "A search engine that links only to sites that are safe for kids" does not allow access to Chick.

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