Chick Tract Worked-700 Miles Later

Late one evening Pastor and Veteran Missionary David Seeley and four other men climbed aboard a motor home in Medford, Oregon and began driving to a Christian conference near Los Angeles, California. During a brief stop for gas, Seeley placed a tract in the men's room.

An associate picked up the tract and handed it to a young man who was standing outside the restroom. As they drove away, they saw the man reading the tract.

They drove through the night and about 700 miles later they stopped at a rest stop near LA to freshen up before going on to the conference.

As Seeley was about to enter the restroom he noticed a familiar looking man just getting off the phone. As the man walked over to the motor home, Seeley realized that it was the same man who had gotten the tract the night before.

He knocked on the door and asked, "Are you the same guys that gave me this gospel tract last night?"

They said they were and invited him in. He had carefully read the tract and was under conviction. "I never had such an easy time leading someone to Christ in my life," says Seeley. "After having read the tract, he really understood everything I was saying to him."

A youth pastor traveling with Seeley was so excited, that, later in the morning he shared this story with an unsaved woman in a grocery store. She was so moved he was able to lead her to the Lord as well.

No wonder Pastor Seeley loves to hand out Chick tracts wherever he goes.