Chick Movie Ministering in Carpathia

Issue Date: March/April 2008

The Light of the World movie is available in 18 languages and is being used in some very remote parts of the world. The Ukrainian version is being used by a missionary organization, Euro Team Outreach (ETO), focusing on isolated villages in the Carpathian mountains.  There is little gospel witness there; most are Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. In a two-month trek, they braved primitive suspension bridges and steep hikes to reach some of the villages accessible only on foot.

When they arrive at a village, they set up a tent camp and post fliers on each house or in mail boxes, announcing the film. Rarely did they not have a packed house in the biggest assembly halls available. After the showing, someone would present the gospel, give an altar call and invite everyone to sign up for a Bible correspondence course in their language. ETO organizes 2-month missions to these villages in the Ukraine. The following quote on their web site,, gives more details: "The Carpathian Mountains are home to thousands of unreached Ukrainians, living quite isolated from the modern world. Most major cities in Ukraine have at least some Gospel witness, but for many living in the mountains, Christ is little more than a figurine dangling from a chain. Religious though they are, most have never heard the call to believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins."

The pictures at the right give us a glimpse into this mission field and many more pictures are on their web site.   You can see that dozens of villagers, many just children, are receiving the gospel for the first time through the video and other literature.

Pastors, teachers and missionaries report to us that the Light of the World movie is a very effective gospel witnessing tool. If your church has not yet used it, obtain a copy and schedule a showing. On the web site you can see all the available languages and if the missionaries from your church are working in one of those areas, send them copies.

Keep in mind that many of the countries teach English along with the native languages making the English version useful there also. 

In addition to the 18 languages currently available, translations in Laotian, Afrikaans and Romanian are in the works.