Chick Mail Bag September/October 2013

"Always love your splendid well-painted/drawn stories! Invigorating, seriously funny, but incisive and declarative. Great for all ages!"
J.M. Face book Post

"D & D [Dungons & Dragons] is evil but for a different reason than magic. You see in D & D the player character is forced to worship another god. The last straw for me with D & D was when I learned that one of these tin gods was the Devil and that did it for me. I was so angry that the Devil had fooled me that I quit D & D."
A., Email.

"I love your tracts. They helped me come to Christ over 20 years ago. I have passed them out for years now. Thank you for your faithfulness in producing so many wonderful tracts."
A.T., OR

"I love Chick tracts —never really want to use any other tracts. I find the other kinds of tracts just lacking getting to the biblical heart of the issue. I love the cartoon touch without compromising God`s Word. They bluntly and truthfully bring the light into the darkness. With God`s word in our hearts and Chick tracts in hand, we can be Witnessing Warriors for the Lord."
D.P., Facebook

"Your doctor said you need exercise. Don`t go out and get one of those treadmills or bikes. Get yourself a big stack of assorted tracts, map out a neighborhood, go up and down the driveways and stairs and put tracts on the doors. You can evangelize and lose weight at the same time!"
W.P., Facebook