Chick Mail Bag November/December 2012

My grandfather got a tract in Denmark. He tore it up in front of the fellow who handed it to him & not wanting to litter put it in his pocket. Later he put all the pieces together and read it and got saved.
R. B., CA

Recently, we were having trouble with our phone and computer, so we contacted our service provider who then sent out a technician. He came in and as soon as he opened his mouth we knew he was Russian. We immediately gave him the tract Creator or Liar in Russian. "Wow! he exclaimed, I remember these when I was a teenager in Russia. My brother and I read them. That is how I learned about God. People would come into the church to light a candle and then leave. The priest never spoke to them and he never said anything about God." "Did you accept Jesus then?" "No, I was a teenager doing my own thing. But a few years later, my brother led me to Christ." He took the tract wanting to show it to his brother and relive some precious memories in Russia.
L.R., OR

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