Chick Mail Bag July/August 2011

I will forever be grateful to these publications. My life has changed and completely transformed because of this powerful tract ministry. I remember I received the LORD reading a book called The Traitor And I followed the instructions how to embrace Jesus Christ. I am a believer and I share Jesus with many. I wish I had these tracts in my city. m to friends and family. I`m not supposed to witness to the workers but, God told me to do this and God alone will do His work. I am happy that God gave me the opportunity to do this.
G.S.R., India, Facebook Post

I started reading Chick tracts back in 1986. Since then I have become an active soul winner, graduated from Bible college and then became a professor at the Bible college. While there we began holding services in juvenile prisons in central FL. We passed out Chick tracts to the teenage inmates. They were so popular! In 2008 alone we had more than 4400 teens in services with over 1500 calling on the Lord Jesus to save them! I have since started a church. We have seen more than 100 saved in 2 years and Chick Tracts are a large part of our outreach! Praise the Lord for your concern for souls!
B.G., Facebook Post

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