Chick Mail Bag January/February 2012

We just had three more get saved Sunday at Trucking For Christ. This is the third time in three months that three have gotten saved in one service!!! It was two truck drivers and a stranded motorist. We gave them free King James Bibles, study materials, and Chick Gospel tracts to take with them. Please pray for their growth. Thanks! God Bless!
H.L., VA.

About 40 years ago I had the extreme privilege of finding your This Was Your Life tract when I was about 7 years old. I am so fortunate I found that since it helped me to believe in Jesus and accept Him as my Savior.
R. F., OH

On a lark, I recently went to a very popular tract company's site to look at possible Christmas tracts. Of all of the ones I looked at, I did not find ONE with a complete gospel presentation! As a pastor, I was stunned. Oh sure, the tracts had pretty pictures on the front and some nice sentiments inside and some scripture as well. But not one, not a single one had a clear, complete gospel presentation! How very sad, but it confirmed what I had been thinking all along, stick with Chick's The Greatest Story Ever Told; it not only has the Christmas story, but a complete presentation of the gospel. So that`s what our church will be handing out this Christmas season.
F.Q. Facebook