Chick Mail Bag Nov-2005

I gave my daughter Chick tracts and she put them on her kitchen table. Two children came to visit and they liked the tracts so much she gave them away. The boy got saved and before he was baptized he had to say a few words to the church. He said that he got saved reading a cartoon tract. My daughter didn't know which tract it was. Since the children liked the tracts so much, I had the assortment box sent to my daughter's house. The children divided up the tracts and the boy held up "Best Friend." He said, "this is the tract that led me to the Lord!" I am so thankful "Best Friend" is so easy to understand!
J.J. Newcastle, DE

I want to congratulate you for your publications. I want to let you know they have been a blessing in my life. I was raised in a poor Catholic home. My father was into alcoholism and domestic violence. It was a hurtful life. While growing up, I was instructed in the Catholic doctrine. They were always criticizing Biblical Christians. Later, I came to the USA where I became an alcoholic and nearly destroyed my life. I was lost for several years in a sinful life. Someone there shared the Gospel of Christ with me. I was deeply rooted in my religion, in my Catholic church, and even painted the Virgin Mary and sometimes sold my paintings. There came a time in my life where I couldn't tolerate it anymore. It was then that I cried out to God. I told him, "If it's really true that you exist, change me. Lord show me the truth and if I am mistaken about my religion, reveal it to me, Lord." God doesn't delay in responding. One day I visited a Christian bookstore. Something made me turn to the book section and the first thing that my hand took was the book: "Smokescreens." That was the answer I was waiting for from God. I received all the answers to all the questions I had about my religion. I couldn't deny the great pain it caused, but I thank the Lord for opening my eyes. Since then my life changed. I accepted Christ in my heart. Thank you so much for your book and the tracts. After knowing the truth I tore up my paintings of the Virgin Mary. I threw out all that garbage.
M.B.- e-mail