Chick Mail Bag Sep-2009

Many Bible believers find their witnessing more exciting because of Chick tracts. Here are some of the adventure stories sent to Chick Publications.

Someone just left it lying on the ground.
I am currently serving in the Air Force over in Germany. I work at the military airport here, where I see lots of soldiers going to and from the war in the Middle East. I`ve been here for 2 years, leaving Chick Tracts here and there. About a week ago, a soldier was checking in for his flight. He started talking about his experiences with going to Afghanistan, and how rough it is dealing with some of the other soldiers because of the foul language.

As we were talking, he mentioned something about church, and I asked him if he was a Christian. He responded, "Yes!" I said, "That`s great! I am a Christian too. Have you ever read a Chick tract before?" As I was speaking, I pulled out my last This Was Your Life tract out of my pocket and showed it to him.

He excitedly exclaimed, "Oh yeah I`ve read all of those things! I got saved from that very same tract a few years ago!" I asked him where he found it and he said, "I found it inside a gas station. Someone just left it lying around on the ground, so I picked it up and read it. I got saved that day!" I told him he could keep the tract.

We said a few more encouraging words to each other, and then he went on his way. I`ll never forget that person, because it really encouraged me to keep passing out your tracts. Not only was I encouraged, but I believe God gave me the chance to be encouraging to him before he flew back down to Afghanistan. The Lord is good to all of us. It was so easy!
Brian P.

Ok! You asked for it, guys!
The incident I will never forget is this: There were about 6 or 7 teenage boys sitting outside a store on some carts. I walked passed them and one of the boys whistled at me. I looked up and the first boy said, "I didn`t do it, he did it." The next boy said the same. Each boy pointed to the boy beside him and blamed the other. When it came to the last boy he said, "I can`t help it, I`m a growing boy."

I am thinking to myself: OK! YOU ASKED FOR IT, GUYS. That was a CLEAR opening from the Lord to give them all Chick tracts. I turned around, already had my hand in my purse and was getting out the tracts.

Apparently, they got scared not knowing what I was doing. With all their eyes upon me, I pulled out the tracts and said, "Here, I will give you guys something to read from the Bible." The one boy put his hand on his heart and said, "Man, you scared me. I thought you were pulling out a gun."

Now, it was my turn to get scared. They all jumped up, came right at me and said, "I want one, give me one."

They all took a Chick Tract and sat down. I actually got to witness to them for about 10 or 15 min. What a blessing that was. That`s what they got for whistling.
Rosemary F.

It was so easy!
I just wanted to share a praise report with you. I took some of the ideas you had in your Halloween pamphlet about tract passing tips. Since we were having a fall carnival at our church and I wouldn`t be home to pass out candy and tracts I decided to take some of the ideas from the pamphlet. I made a banner that said TAKE ONE and then I had three different brown paper bags labeled "boys" with Charlie`s Ants in it, "girls" with Best Friend in it and "older kids and teens" with Happy Halloween in it. I put a tract and a flat piece of candy in an envelope in the bags and put them outside the door. When we returned home late that night, I had found that all but four had been taken out of the almost 100 that I had put out! It was so easy!
A.M., Honolulu, HI