Chick Mail Bag - Sep-2006

When I was a young Christian, I thought Chick tracts were "over the top" and doubted some of the assertions that were made regarding Catholicism. The more I have grown in the Lord, the more He has opened my eyes to the truth that Jack Chick and his team have been trying to tell the world for years. Thank you all so much!
Joe - email

I love using tracts to share the gospel and your's are the best out there!
Carlin, NV

I was saved after reading The Long Trip. It was given to me by a limo driver in New York.
Seattle, WA

Shortly after coming to Christ, I became a member of a church here in Southern California and began my walk with the Lord. I recall seeing your tracts everywhere, in and out of church. Your publications definitely played a large part in my continued growth as a new Christian.
R.S. - Email

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