Chick Mail Bag Sep-2002

I can't tell you how much God's used your ministry to open the eyes of my family and I. We were all Catholics on our way to Hell. My father was an Irish Catholic and my mother was a French Catholic. I got saved in 1980 but wasn't a faithful Christian until 1983. I just wanted to tell you how much your tracts have helped me and my family.

Ever since I read the book Stairway to Hell, I have straightened out my life and accepted the Lord as my Savior. Thank you for sending me a book which really did me some good!
D.S., Marion, NC

It seemed like it was yesterday when I read the tract Somebody Loves Me. I was 19 years old when I came to know Jesus as my personal savior. The tract really got to me because it reminded me of myself in Tijuana, Mexico. I have been here in the United States for 15 years.

My wife lived a worldly life before she met the Lord. When she was six months pregnant with our first child, she was diagnosed with AIDs. In Nov, 1992 my daughter died, in March, 1993 my son died and in June, 1994 my wife died. I too have now been diagnosed with AIDs.

I want to say that the Lord has helped me through these last few very difficult years. I have been passing out Chick tracts to tell people about Jesus. These tracts make a difference in people's lives.
M.G., W. Covina, CA

Thank you for the tract This Was Your Life, it saved my soul. I am a former satanist, brought up a catholic and my dad is a shriner. Your publications gave me the hard facts I needed. Thank you again and please pray for us.
K. W.

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