Chick Mail Bag July-2008

Hi, I am 15 years of age, live in Canada. A couple months ago my uncle gave me a few of your tracts and I was really interested in them. I am a Christian and have been one from the age of 13. God convicted me that I was not sharing Christ with people and then I got these tracts. I started handing them out and I found out that they worked.
I now have tract racks with your tracts in a few stores and they are going like hotcakes. Everybody likes them and I trust that God is using them to save souls that are lost. Thank you for selling them because they definitly get read in this small town.
G.D. Canada

About seven years ago, my wife and I were in Florida on our honeymoon. We decided to stay for a while and live there. I was working on a refrigerated truck in front of a shrimp house one day, when a man came by and handed me one of your tracts. I was under the truck so all I could see was his legs and his shoes. He said, "Here read this when you get time. Have a nice day." I`ll never forget the tract, it was The Sissy. I wasn`t saved at the time, though we had started going to church right before we got married and were going at the time. When I got home that night I read it and said it!! I wanted to make sure I was forgiven and going to Heaven.
Since that time I have used your tracts to witness to others and have seen great results. November 15th God used me to lead my boss to Christ!!
T. M. Delphia IN

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