Chick Mail Bag July 2004

I read all 17 This Was Your Life. I believe God will also move upon the hearts of young men and women on this center and cause them to receive their salvation, because of the Word preached in those Chick Tracts.
B.C., Morganfield, KY

Many years ago I lived with my Father in a large apartment complex. Next to my car in the parking lot was a nice red Buick that was always spotless and polished. One day both the owner (a Jewish man) and I got out of our cars at the same time. I gave him one of your tracts. He smiled and thanked me. The next day I found an envelope under my windshield wiper. In it was the tract ripped to shreds and a nasty letter as well. I was saddened by his response. Two days later I noticed his car was dirty. It got worse over the next couple of days. I asked a neighbor about him and found he died the day after he put the nasty letter on my windshield. That was really eerie. How close he was to eternity and rejected God's love.
J.M., Rockaway, NY

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