Chick Mail Bag May 2002

I was personally saved through your wonderful tracts 23 years ago. A group of high school girls handed me quite a few of your tracts. Being a voracious reader I devoured every one! At the end of each tract was the sinner's prayer and as a Catholic, I knew I never asked God's forgiveness through Jesus' atoning work before. So I walked into my high school hallway and prayed that prayer all by myself! I knew I was clean and I felt like a new creature in Christ for sure.

Two weeks later, I met my future husband, a godly young man who had attended every school I had since Kindergarten, but we never met till I was born again! We have been married 18 wonderful years, have 2 children and one on the way. I tell my older daughter how your tracts changed my life and she enjoys reading your tracts too. Thank you for a wonderful ministry.
E.G., Deltona, FL

Praise the Lord! Thanks to your tracts and world ministries, another soul is saved. I have been corresponding with some people in Russia - Ukraine to be exact. I sent the tract A Love Story ( in Russian) to her and she sent back the last page of the tract writing next to the numbers "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Thank you for making the gospel message available in other peoples' language.
M.A., Eugene, OR

I gave one of This Was Your Life tracts to my buddy. About a year and a half later he gave me a call one night and he was crying. He said, "You know there has been a lot of things wrong with my life. Remember that tract you gave me?" I said, "Darren, you got saved didn't you?" He said, "I sure did." That was the same tract that got me back on track with the Lord years earlier. Then I became a soul-winner.
D.C., Heightsville, MD

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