Chick Mail Bag Jan-2001

"Nearly 14 years ago I sat in the living room of my mother-in-law and read through your Crusader volumes. That lead to the stirring of my desire for salvation and a heart hungry for more of God. It was not just your material that helped me along the way all these years, but it was your material and the easily comprehended format that lead me to salvation and a deeper walk in Christ Jesus.

I also would like to let you know that my husband and I spend a great deal of time counseling men and women ministering life and salvation to them, all because of that little comic that crossed my path on my way to hell."
L.M., IN

"I'm writing to you to tell you that Christ through your work has saved my life. I had been addicted to pornography for many years. It completely controlled my life. It destroyed my marriage, my health, and almost threatened my life.

When I would throw out my material, I would be okay until the desire returned. I would go into septic tanks, sewers, garbage bins, and landfills to retrieve my pornography. I was so overwhelmed with guilt that many times I considered putting a gun to my head.

One night I was shaking so bad I couldn't stand it. I needed the pornography. It is just as addictive as heroine or cocaine. I knew if I went on a binge again I probably would end it all.

That's when I found The Next Step in our bookcase. I read it and cried. I got on my face and asked the Lord to forgive me for my sins and take total control of my life. I am living proof that if you give your life totally to Christ and don't keep any for yourself that a person can have self-control in their life through Christ."
R.L., IN

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