Can We Still Call Them 'Men of Peace?'

The latest foiled plot by "Islamic fascists" to blow up a bunch of airliners has shocked the world while Western leaders are still trying to sort out Islam's seeming double face. Some say that peaceful Islam has been hijacked by "extremists." But there is a deafening silence from the "moderate" Muslim leaders when the "extremists" succeed in massacring a few thousand "infidels."

Israel has patiently endured hundreds of suicide bombers who specifically target innocent men, women and children. They watched with increasing concern while the "extremists" hijacked one of Israel's neighbors and targeted 12,000 deadly missiles their direction. When Israel decided it had to strike back while it could, the "moderates" called for an immediate "cease fire" before the threat was eliminated.

No doubt there are different factions within Islam, just as there are in the church. However, extremists in the church are usually marginalized and ineffective. They do not receive wide support so that they can threaten world peace.

In Islam, whole nations support the fanatics who are bent on converting the world-by the sword, if necessary. And even the "moderate" nations, are strangely slow to condemn 9/11 type horrors. It is difficult to say that Islam is a peaceful religion when the news reports day after day are filled with carnage created by those who praise Allah.

The new Chick tract, Men of Peace?, points out that when you compare the teachings of Islam and the behavior of the terrorists, they are not bad Muslims but really good Muslims. In religion, goodness is defined by that religion's book, in this case the Qur'an. Therefore, anyone who obeys his religion's book, is not a bad person, but a good person.

The basic theme of the Qur'an is to promote Islamic rule over the entire world. This is the same as the great commission in the Bible, except with one variation. Those who will not be persuaded voluntarily to convert, are to be killed, according to Surahs 4:89 and 5:33. Of course, the Bible leaves conversion voluntary, reserving the unbeliever to God's judgment.

So, the Muslim who obeys his book and kills the unbeliever (the infidel) who refuses to convert, is a good Muslim. Furthermore, their book grants special pleasures in paradise to the Muslim who martyrs himself in the process of destroying infidels. (See Surahs 3:195 and 4:74.)

The "good" Muslim, then, is he who flies a loaded airliner into a skyscraper full of people. He has eliminated a bunch of infidels and gained a special place in paradise for himself.

And the world is scratching its head, trying to figure out what is wrong with this picture.

As soulwinners, we must understand the contrast between the gospel and Islam's beliefs. We must be prepared to witness to the Muslim that the God of the Bible loves them and offers them abundant life, free from the twisted doctrines of the Qur'an.

For those who are confused by the strange behavior of the terrorists, we need to help them see that it is their religious beliefs that prompt their actions. Then we need to show both Muslim and unbeliever that only the biblical God is the true Creator who loves all sinners and sent Jesus to die in their place that they might have forgiveness for sin.

The tract, Men of Peace, is designed to do both.