Britain Set to Legalize Sodomy With 16-Year-Old Children

There appears to be little opposition in the British Parliament to lowering the homosexual age of consent to 16. Only 3 years ago it was reduced from 21 to 18.

All three of Britain's major political parties appear to have bought into the homosexual agenda. Their leaders all sent messages of support to a major "gay pride" parade held in London last year.

At a recent Conservative Party conference, much emphasis was given to a new "inclusive" party image abandoning the claim to be the party of traditional values in social and family policy.

Those opposed to the new law are pointing out the medical and social consequences of including younger people in the high-risk activities which sodomites practice. The Family Research Institute, (303-681-3113) has produced studies that show the homosexual life span to be greatly shortened because of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) which promiscuous homosexuals freely trade with one another.

Another factor in their early death is the abnormally high incidence of violence. Homosexual activists would have us believe that anti-homosexuals are responsible for the violence out of "homophobia" but the FRI studies indicate that most of the murders in the homosexual community are done by other homosexuals.

Besides the exposure to disease and violence, Dr. Trevor Stammers of St. George's Hospital Medical School in South London points out that, if passed, the new law will expose 16-year-olds to a culture where alcohol and drug abuse is up to 7 times higher than in the general population. This alone, he says, is sufficient reason to maintain the higher age of consent law which provides some protection for these older children.

One branch of homosexual activism advocates removing all laws against sexual intercourse between adults and children. An example of this is the North American Man-Boy Love Association whose members march openly in many "Gay Pride" parades. Most sodomy laws, which were instituted years ago when governments recognized the evil of homosexuality, have been either removed from the books or defused by lack of enforcement. The next push is to lower the age of consent laws and ultimately remove the laws against pedophilia. Their reasoning is that if the child consents and is enjoying it, why should it be illegal?

Since Britain has become a forerunner in the western world's march to iniquity, America seems determined to follow hard on her heels. As someone has said, "God will have to apologize to Sodom if He continues to withhold judgment on San Francisco."

As soul winners, we must seek out the homosexual and present the Good News that God, through Christ can save all kinds of sinners. One pastor, when told by a homosexual that he was born that way, replied: "Yes, I understand. I was born that way, too. I was born a sinner and chose to express my sinful nature by getting stoned on drugs and alcohol. But Christ saved me from my sin and He can save you from yours which is no worse in God's eyes than mine." That pastor went on to lead the homosexual to freedom in Christ. May the Holy Spirit replace our revulsion with compassion for these trapped in homosexuality.

As teachers and parents, we must inoculate our young people against the teachings in our government schools and examples in the media promoting and glorifying the homosexual lifestyle. See Sin City for more information.