Boy and Girl Scouts No Longer Reliable

One by one the cultural helpers for parents trying to raise good kids are being called into question.

Boys who are transgendering into girls are being accepted into the Girl Scouts and girls are being accepted into the Boy Scouts. There have been 82,000 claims lodged against the Boy Scouts for sexual abuse. That number is so shocking that we have to believe that some of these are false, perhaps trying to get in on the payout. But not too long ago Boy Scouts of America caved to the pressure to allow openly homosexual scout leaders. And the Girl Scouts were already there with lesbian leadership.

For several decades we have taken God’s laws out of the public square leaving a vacuum for those that teach and practice the strong delusions that are spoken against by God’s word. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish truth from error.

In the short interchange between Jesus and Pontius Pilate, recorded in John 18, Jesus said to Pilate confidently that He was not only a King, He also had the truth. Pilate retorted with the question that could be taken right out of our present world: “What is Truth?”

Today, there’s a great battle between truth and falsehood in the modern “information age.” Satan is taking advantage of the invention of information technology to create more methods of deception than parents can counter. The cancel culture is primarily dedicated to eliminating truth and replacing it with falsehoods. And the main victims are our children.

When Jesus said that the devil was a liar and the father of lies, He warned us what to be on guard against. But how do you know a counterfeit bill unless you are very familiar with the real one? In the same regard, we have to become very familiar with the source of truth to recognize a lie when we see it.

From the very beginning God made sure that we had a written record of what He considered truth. And Jesus promised in Matthew 24 that heaven and earth would pass away but His word, which is truth, would not pass away.

Unfortunately, Satan has worked one of the most monstrous plots of his whole career. That is the deception hidden in the modern Bibles. Author David Daniels has proven that there is only one Bible in English that is a true translation of the Greek that was handed down to us from the apostles.

But Satan has orchestrated a strategy against the word of God that has given us Bibles that contradict each other and omit important doctrinal teachings. And to cap it off, he has managed to even change the Greek that the Bibles are based upon, to manuscripts with questionable history and content.

What chance do parents have raising children with a solid grasp of truth if their very Bibles are not reliable?

Because Satan’s counterfeit church is deeply involved in Satan’s plot, Daniels recommends that his book, Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?, be read first to get an introduction to the subject. Then if you are wondering about your Bible, his book, Look What’s Missing, will give you detailed information of the changes and omissions in dozens of modern versions.

For anyone not yet convinced, he has written over a dozen other books that track Satan’s plan in great detail. These books can all be reviewed on the Chick website, or by calling
909-987-0771 for a free catalog.

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