At the J&J Apartments, They Kill You...

Many Bible believers find their witnessing adventures more exciting because of Chick tracts. They use them in amazingly creative ways. Their confidence grows because Chick tracts get read and do the job. Here are some of the adventure stories sent to Chick Publications:

Three weeks ago Pilot Mike (he`s an airline pilot) and I had gone to a Nation of Islam mosque here in Las Vegas to hand out Unforgiven.

One of the fellows at the mosque said to me as Mike was handing out the tracts to the people coming out, "Why don`t you go to the projects and hand these out?" We thought that was a good idea, so we did, a couple of weeks later.

Before we headed into the projects, we asked a sister where would be the worst place we could go and she said, "Well, across the street they beat you up, and down the street at the J&J Apartments they kill you!" I was wearing my "I (heart) Muslims" T-shirt which is not recommended in a good-ol-boy`s neighborhood; but in a black neighborhood with their sympathy (at least) for Louis Farrakhan, it's perfect.

We were able to hand out (with God`s help) 40-50 tracts and no one turned us down. We were even able to lead a Muslim to Christ! I`ve never led a Muslim to Christ before.       -Tim and Mike

Dear Mr. Chick, I would like to "THANK YOU" for all the years you have been making the gospel tracts. I really don`t know what I would do without them.

The gospel tracts have been, and still are, a part of my daily living and a "huge blessing" to me. I cannot imagine life without a Chick tract.

I keep my purse and the dash of my car loaded with them. I have a silver basket on my desk at work with the gospel tracts in it. I have two shelves with Chick tracts in our closet at home. When the tracts get low, I order more.

Where I work is near several busy shopping plazas, a mall, the Army Reserve Base, the Pittsburgh Air Force Base, and an Army National Guard Base.

During my lunch hours or when I was shopping, the Lord gave me opportunities to pass out Men of Peace, Allah Had No Son, The Chaplain, and The Promise to the military men and women that passed my way. The pictures and titles got their attention and I am sure most did read them. On the other hand, around my home, there are young teenagers on bikes, skate boards, etc. I just stop the car, get out and give them the tracts.

The kids all accept them. I think they are so shocked that I, a stranger, stopped and walked up to them. They don`t know what to do but accept them.      -Rosemary F.

These adventures illustrate that when you witness:

Be bold. All they might do is turn you down. Christ was "rejected of men." Are we any different?

Be creative. When you leave the table at the restaurant, hold a tract in your hand. Chances are you will find someone to give it to or a place to "plant" it before you get out the door.

And Remember: It works because Chick Tracts get read.

Either they will get saved or be condemned at the Great White Throne because they knew the way to salvation but turned it down.

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