A Surprise Ending!

By Chaplain Dann

One of the biggest surprises I have had was at the end of a church service where I had given my testimony. About three months before that, a man at my church had asked me if I had any Vietnamese tracts that he could give out where he works. I found some in my truck and I asked if he could use 50 of them. He said that would be fine. He took them and we prayed together that the Lord would use them in a mighty way. I soon forgot about giving them to him.

Three months later after I had finished giving my testimony at our evening service he walked up to the pulpit and told the congregation:

"Chaplain Dann gave me some Vietnamese tracts quite a while back. He does not know this but at work we now have a Bible study during lunch hour and 32 people attend including 21 Vietnamese who became believers in Christ through the tracts in their language."

I usually carry a supply of foreign language tracts in my work truck because I meet many different people from other countries who have come to Southern California to live and work. It may be hard to explain the gospel to them when they do not know English very well. By using tracts in their language, I know I have at least planted a seed of the gospel in their hearts.