Excerpt taken from "Good Ole Rotten Apples."

Copyright © 2014 by Judy Frankamp. Reproduced by permission.

Here are some excerpts from the book, "Good Ole Rotten Apples."

Why did the author write this book?
"Even in my Sunday school days I had heard about the story of the snake in the tree."

"Never did I ever hear a sermon on Sunday morning about real demonic spirits from the Bible, and what they have done and can do to someone, without them even knowing it."

Religiosity and Witness at the County Fair
The author describes what happened when giving her testimony in the small Lutheran church she grew up in. But some visitors weren't quite prepared for the message she was about to tell.

A Tour of the New Age
"I watched videos and read books by the world-renowned psychics, Sylvia Browne, and Marianne Williamson. I didn't know it at the time, but the Devil was spoon-feeding me a bunch of garbage —those good ole rotten apples— and I loved every morsel."

Speaking Truth to "Pottermania"
"After I showed her what it really said, word for word, I waited for a response."

"She looked shocked. She said 'I had no idea. I read that book, Chamber of Secrets, from cover to cover and I guess I never saw that.'"

Satan's Ultimate Evil
"The Lord knew that my cry was not for a new car or house. It was for a lost, religiously deceived soul. It was then that He took me on a journey I will not soon forget."