Excerpt taken from "Why They Changed The Bible"

Copyright © 2014 by David W. Daniels. Reproduced by permission.

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My Wycliffe–SIL instructor shocked me!
“Do you believe the story of Noah and the ark, the great flood and all that?” I asked.  What he said next floored me.

“No, but David, look: don’t let that bother you. When you go to all those churches to raise your missionary support, they have these Statements of Faith for you to sign. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Just sign them. When you get to the [mission] field, you can do whatever you want.”
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The guinea pig of God?
Don’t all Bible translations say basically the same thing? And what's a guinea pig got to do with it?
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Compromise only goes one way
This only goes one way with a Roman Catholic. They never compromise. They just make you think they did while you do all the compromising.  Here’s a perfect example.
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Eugene Nida, father of Dynamic Equivalence and over 200 Bible translations
"In life it is even more important to be able to doubt than to believe, because too many people love the unbelievable."
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One Greek and Hebrew text to rule them all 
Guess who created the Hebrew and Greek texts that all modern bibles are based on?

CLUE:  One World Bible Text for ONE WORLD BIBLE.
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Did God really mean it?
The scriptures, that people have rationalized and disbelieved and rewritten and reinterpreted, are coming to pass, absolutely literally.
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Chapter 17:  An emotional, true testimony of a Bible translator in Cameroon
Just 2 months before finishing the book, the author received new information he had never seen before. A missionary Bible translator actually confirmed, in his own words, most of the main points David W. Daniels had written in this book. What happened next is shocking.

After you read this book, you will ask yourself: Is this the way I want the gospel to be spread throughout the world?