1 Million Tracts Delivered in Papua New Guinea

We are so thrilled to inform you that the ocean container holding 1 million Chick tracts has now been delivered to missionary Chad Wells in Papua New Guinea!

  • 10,000-mile journey complete...
  • Tracts safely delivered...
  • Distribution now underway...

Watch this short 40-second video of the container being opened for the first time since leaving California in October!

• • • • • •

1 Million Tracts Inside!

We first announced this missions project to you in June of 2021 when Missionary Chad Wells visited our office with a request for help. Some of Chad’s printing equipment was destroyed by a fire in his PNG printshop. No one knows whether a rat was chewing on a wire, or if something else was the cause, but the print shop went up in flames.

As a result, many churches lost their source of gospel literature for witnessing in PNG. So, we told Chad that the Chick Mission Fund, with the help of our generous brothers and sisters (that’s you!), would commit to making this project possible.

Thanks to your tremendous giving, we are now able to see the completion of this 8-month project and the Gospel is already being spread.

Below are two pictures we just received from Chad of people reading the tracts you helped provide at the airport in Lae, Papua New Guinea:

Tracts Being Read At Airport in PNG.

What's Next for the Mission Fund?

2 Million Tracts for Six Countries!

6 Countries Receiving Chick Tracts From Mission Fund.

Tom Sloan, a third-generation missionary, has asked us to join him in making a big push for the gospel. Funds for 1 million tracts have already been received!

Would you be willing to help us finish this project?

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