It Pays to Advertise

Jesus said that there were two paths.  One was broad and leads to destruction; the other that leads to life eternal is narrow and few would find it.  So how do we find the few who are interested in the narrow way? 

Well, "it pays to advertise" as the saying goes. It must pay or my mail box would not be so full.  But isn`t the great commission all about advertising? Successful companies have learned that the most effective form of advertising is the personal testimony about the product. 

Jesus said, "Ye shall be witnesses...." See the connection?  Many testimonies come to Chick Publications demonstrating how effective the little tracts are in getting a person`s attention.  And isn`t that what advertising/witnessing is all about? Here is a sample:

A pastor calls Chick Publications from Alaska.  He tells this story:  Years ago when he was a young man, he became so discouraged that he decided to end his life.  He walked to a remote cliff overlooking a wild, raging river and prepared to jump.  But something colorful in the dirt at his feet caught his eye as he gazed down at the water. 

He stooped and picked it up —a Chick gospel tract.  Not in any hurry, he read it through.  He realized that there might be hope after all, and he turned from the cliff.  Now he is a pastor.  When he arrives in eternity, he plans to try to locate the person who left that witness/advertisement there in the dirt.

Some people say to us, "Tracts don`t work. I prefer to witness one-on-one." But how often do you have time for an extended conversation?  And how many people do you see that you don`t have time to stop and talk to?  But it only takes a second to hand someone a tract or even leave it in a restroom for someone to find later.

Companies selling their product go to great effort to place a sample or "witness" of their product where you will find it. As believers, are we willing to put out similar effort to place the message of eternal life where someone will find it?

One soul winner reports that he is having increasing difficulty in finding anyone in his community who has not seen a Chick gospel tract.  That is because he has seeded the community with over 200,000 tracts.  He has mailed one to every name in his county`s phone book and placed dispensers in local stores that he replenishes every week.  Members of his church also help plant these seeds. 

Their "advertising" has not brought everyone in the county to salvation.  Jesus said that that would not happen.  But the few who have been saved are worth the effort.  Companies calculate that a 5 percent response to their advertising makes it profitable.  And the only way to find the few is to take the message to the many.  If we plant the seed, God will give the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6).  If we "plant" three tracts a day, over a thousand will "get the message" by this time next year —and a few of those may join us in eternity.

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