Evolution's Grip On Schools May Be Loosening

Recently, school boards in six states have tried to change their science standards to downplay evolution. Some have been more successful than others. Biology texts in Alabama contain a sticker calling evolution a controversial theory and should not be taken as fact.

In Kansas, Christians and conservatives won seats on the state school board and succeeded in modifying the regulations. Most recently, Ohio adopted state science standards that allow local districts to explain the debate over the various theories of origins.

Many prominent scientists are becoming persuaded that only a highly intelligent being could design and create the complexity of cells, the sophisticated programming of DNA molecules and other life processes that modern technology is revealing.

Although most of them are not willing to admit that Jesus is the Creator, they are desperately searching for a way to explain the mounting evidence for what they prefer to call "intelligent design."

When the school board in Ohio saw that intelligent design could be taught as a scientific theory rather than a religious concept, they voted unanimously for it. This is a major breakthrough. As the critics pointed out, this theory implies a higher power of some kind as the Designer. Of course it is not right that the school should express an opinion as to who the designer is.

But the brainwashing of the last few decades will be broken. No longer will evolution be taught as if it was supported with solid facts. Students will see that it is only a theory and that there is more than one theory. This will leave them much more open to the gospel.

Thomas Heinze points out in his book, "How Life Began", that the way evolution has been taught is actually the religion of naturalism. "Parents who believe in God are being taxed to pay for the books that teach their children a competing religion." Evidence is mounting that belief in spontaneous generation of the first life is not based on science but, instead, is "a key doctrine of the religions of naturalism, atheism and agnosticism."

Evolution no longer has a death grip on our school science departments. Christians in Ohio and other states have successfully argued that evolution should not be taught as fact and other theories should be equally recognized in forming the state curriculum standards.

The theory of intelligent design is becoming more widely accepted. Christian parents have an excellent chance of breaking evolution's grip on their local school if they will stand up and be counted.

"How Life Began" is an excellent resource that could be used to help the members of a local school see the truth. At the same time, your children need to read it to inoculate them against the evolution propaganda.

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