Do Catholics Know They Are Saved?

This testimony was sent to BATTLE CRY after the last issue containing the article Are Some Roman Catholics Saved?

As an ex-Catholic who found the Lord years ago, I loved the article about "Can Catholics be saved?" Once I found the Lord, I knew in my heart I had to leave the church. Praise God. A born-again Christian cannot pray to Mary and all the saints.

What a relief to get rid of purgatory and know I was saved by the blood of Christ. Not once in 30 years had I heard the salvation plan preached from the pulpit or by the nuns in school. When I was searching for the answer, I asked my priest, "If Jesus Christ were to come to you and hold out His hand and ask you to go with Him, would you go?"

He told me the same lies that every Catholic repeats, the same ones I had used myself: "I'm too young." "I have too much to do yet in this lifetime." or "I have to raise my children."

The truth is, every Catholic is scared to death to die because no matter how hard we worked, we knew we would never-ever be good enough to get to heaven. Purgatory was a scary place, just a holding tank of unending suffering for years on end. Praise God salvation is a free gift. You're right, all Catholics need our prayers.
—Email from Raye T.

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