Chick Mail Bag Nov-2001

Your booklets are so useful and easy to read. I am a new Christian (2 yrs) and I have brought 3 people to Christ using your tracts not to mention I'm 13. Keep up the good work!
K.G., Internet

By the age of 14, I was dabbling in drugs, the occult and satanic "Heavy Metal" music. By the time I turned twenty, I had enveloped myself in virtually every form of sin. One day I was walking to the liquor store and I saw a small pamphlet lying on the sidewalk. I would normally not notice such a thing, considering I was extremely drunk, but I feel that Someone instructed me to pick it up. I looked at it and the cover read in bold type "The Beast" and it had a drawing of a man, a woman and a child with "666" on their foreheads. It was a frightening image and it captivated me immediately. I sat down at a nearby bench and read it. While reading it, I felt a warm feeling pulsate through my body and I knew that something was about to happen to me and it has. I have stopped my impure ways and am now discovering the ways of the Lord. My life has turned around thanks to you and Jesus.
B. R., OH

I have read your tracts since I was a child and can truly say that they inspired me and helped strengthen my faith while I grew in Christ. Your method of weaving scripture into a pictorial story always kept my interest and made me want to read more. I wanted to inform you that I take your tracts to Vietnam with me when I travel there for business. The Christians in Vietnam inform me that the Vietnamese tracts are very good and help save many souls.
T. B., New York

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