A Message from David Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

It should be evident to all. We are in a crisis of faith. People are losing faith in their most trusted institutions, including media and medical professionals.

This can be a healthy thing! It is not good to absorb man’s words without questioning. We have more access to information than ever, so we should use it, especially when it affects our families and our faith.

Our families and communities have been divided by mass media and political propaganda. One political movement bragged on its website: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement” to replace it with “villages” that “collectively care for one another” but engage in all kinds of perverse behaviors. Only after public outcry did they take it down.

It takes a village … to destroy a family. But God did not designate a village to raise children. He told parents to do it. (See Deuteronomy 6:7.)

Our faith has also been under attack. The same basic Christian beliefs that are crumbling, are found in the same verses that modern Bible versions have taken out or changed. That’s been going on since 1881 with a new Greek text and new Bibles made from it. Doctored Bibles have been destroying faith.

But God has always provided for our faith. He not only gave us His words, but preserved them through history in Hebrew and Greek, then brought them into English in the King James Bible. It’s not a “version” of the truth. It IS the truth. And this truth brings what we’ve all been looking for: FAITH.

Want to get great faith? Pray and read your King James Bible. “…faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Get answers from the scriptures.

Want to spread that faith? Let’s hand out Chick tracts. It’s easy. And the tracts will find those who want to know more. Then our preparation in the scriptures will pay off when people are willing to talk with us. And our solid foundation in God and His words is exactly what this faithless generation needs to hear!

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,

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