Who Faked the "World’s Oldest Bible"?

The crime is fraud, and you’re the detective!

  • You have the tools.
  • You have a list of possible suspects.
  • All the evidence is available to you.

What will you find out?

  • Who is telling the truth?
  • Who is lying?
  • What does the evidence reveal?

You'll discover the truth!

  • The facts are at your fingertips.
  • So, who faked the ‘World’s Oldest Bible’?
  • By the time you finish this book, you’ll know!

Who's guilty of fraud?

If the devil has cooked up a plot against your Bible, would you want to know it?

Conspiracy theories are destroyed by solid evidence.

Author David W. Daniels came to the point where he could no longer ignore the mounting evidence. He was schooled in Bible college and seminary to believe that the King James was hopelessly obsolete. But the mounting confusion around the new Bible translations left him wondering.

He already knew how to use modern search techniques to quickly discover relevant evidence. He soon learned that the Bible version issue was more than a baseless conspiracy. Many new facts had become available shedding light on the history of Bible versions. He learned that the scholars who decided over 100 years ago to “fix” the King James may not have had the best intentions.

His discovery of Satan’s plan to damage God’s words is chronicled in a series of books. In 2017, his book, "Is the 'World’s Oldest Bible' a Fake?" presented heavy evidence against Codex Sinaiticus, the manuscript that scholars claim is the world’s oldest Bible.

This book attempts to answer the next question: Who Faked the “World’s Oldest Bible”?

It reads like a mystery novel, but over 100 illustrations and more than 300 footnotes gives it the force of a graduate research paper. The murky narrative of the discovery and evaluation of the Sinaiticus becomes much clearer with this new book.

Daniels leaves it up to the reader to decide how this might affect his or her eternal destiny.


David, I have just now completed reading, Who Faked the 'World's Oldest Bible?' I loved it and want to make these observations:

  1. It was an interesting read and easy to follow.
  2. I like your purposeful informal style of communication. It was not "scholarly" and stuffy but down to earth and expressed with your personality.
  3. It was well researched and documented for the reader to verify for themselves.
  4. You raised the issue of personal salvation to the reader, challenging them to search their heart and accept Christ.

I pray God's blessing on this groundbreaking endeavor that presents much needed documentation on the vital subject of "the oldest and best manuscripts" and pray people's eyes will be opened concerning the lie promoted by Westcott and Hort.

I would hope some in academia would see the big lie they uncritically accepted from professors in Bible college and seminary and help bring about a revival of the truth of God's preserved word, that it still exists and produces faith in those who dare to believe.

Dr. Joseph Harris

Director, Mississippi Baptist Bible Institute

Author David W. Daniels reveals what you will learn from this book:

Don't miss part 1 of the story of the devil's plot against your Bible!

Before you learn WHO faked the "World's Oldest Bible" (Codex Sinaiticus), you need to see the proof that the Sinaiticus IS a fake.

Bible "scholars" claim it is an ancient Bible text and so modern Bibles are based on it and have changed or removed verses because of its contents. However, the evidence shows it is actually a 19th century fake!

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