New King James - The Bridge Bible

Is The New King James Bible Just An Updated King James?

It promised to be a 5th edition of the KJV, preserving "the originally intended meaning of every verse."

Did publishers and translators keep their promise?

Author David Daniels shows us in this book that the classical language (including the "thees" and "thous") is not all that was changed.  In fact, this Bible is not a King James at all!  Some of the "updates" actually change doctrines!


It cannot be a true King James, if salvation is changed from a finished work to an unfinished process (1 Corinthians 1:18). How can you know you are saved? Or in Matthew 7:14 where it says, "Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life…"? God did not make the way "difficult". Salvation is as close as our mouth and our heart!

These tiny changes, as well as others like it, have made a big difference, moving people from faith to doubt in God and His words.

But there’s more.  The publishers of the New King James said, themselves, that their goal was to provide a “transitional bridge” to a modern Bible (and they sell plenty of them).  As people get used to seeing words changed in their Bible, they soon will accept a Bible that changes even more! 

Eventually, you have a Bible with wording vague enough, in many key areas, that all the world’s religions will be able to “fit” their doctrines into it.  This is actually part of the larger plan for everyone to accept one world Bible for the Antichrist’s coming one world religion.

How do we counter this?

By teaching our children how to read the clear words of the King James, we can bring faith and not doubt to the next generation. In fact, as you will see in this book, if previous generations had done this, the New King James would never have been made.

Author David W. Daniels tells why he wrote this book: