But I Trust The Scholars

Which Bible Scholars Do You Trust?

If you don't have a personal copy of the original Bible manuscripts, you're going to have to trust a scholar to tell you which Bible you can trust.

But there are two kinds of scholars: the scholars of faith and the scholars of doubt. It seems like a no-brainer which one you'd choose. But amazingly, the vast majority of professors in modern institutions are scholars of doubt! And they have been training pastors for years!

Who are the scholars of faith? How can you tell them apart from the scholars of doubt? Where did they come from? And where are they going? And most importantly, what is their fruit? How do you answer those who insist you need to trust "modern" scholars, and get a "new" Bible?

Here's how to recognize and choose which scholars (and Bible) to trust... the ones who produce FAITH.

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