Yes You Can Read the King James Bible

You Can’t Read That Old King James! ...Or Can You?

The King James Bible is a true and direct translation from the original languages. But isn’t it too hard to read in the 21st century? Shouldn’t we have something easier? Why do we need a 17th century Book to tell us how to live our lives?

What if you found out it’s the one English Bible that deserves your complete trust? What if the translation method tells us stuff God wanted us to know —but that modern scholars left out?

Did you know there are deeply emotional words in the Bible? Did you know that there is a rhythm to reading the King James, and it was made to be read out loud?

If generations of children were raised reading the King James, it shouldn’t be too hard for the rest of us! This book proves why you can read the King James English with a little effort and that it should be the only Bible that you need —and can completely trust.

Includes a detailed appendix that contains the entire 600-word dictionary of the “King James Bible Companion”, and several charts, to help you understand the vocabulary of the King James Bible, and covers topics like:

  • The Hebrew Calendar
  • Hebrew Feast Days
  • Hebrew Time
  • Hebrew Weights
  • Biblical Money
  • Biblical Measures: Length, Dry Measure and Liquid Measure
  • The Bible’s Internal Timeline. Starting with the first generation of Adam in 4114 BC to Solomon’s 40-year reign over Israel from 970-930 BC.

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